How much does a piano cost?

Buying any type of piano can be rather difficult at times. There are many options to choose from, differing quality levels, and also remarkable differences in how much the different piano types cost.

Because there are so many types of pianos, and because they can be newly purchased or in a used condition, the prices vary accordingly.

We’ll help you understand the variety of options and the associated costs of purchasing a piano a little better.

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Maybe you never purchased a piano before, may it has been many years or decades since your last purchase, or you are buying a type of piano you never bought before. Either way, you want to know how much you will have to pay. Below we provide you with some examples that will guide you in the right direction.

It really depends on the type of piano that you are looking to buy. You can find digital pianos with weighted key for as little as $200. Obviously, this is way on the lower end of the price scale and will get you a piano that you can use to learn the basics. A standard upright piano will normally cost you at least $400 for decent quality. If you are looking to buy a grand piano instead, you might be able to snatch a digital grand piano for around $800, while an acoustic grand piano at least will cost you at least $2.000 – $3.000 for a used one (if you are lucky), and from $4.500 – $7.500 for a new one.

Pianos and grand pianos in this price range are also the models often found in piano bars, although of course it is especially hotel lobbies of luxury hotels or cruise ships that resort to much more expensive models.

However, pianos – especially grand pianos – are also a much pricier version, which we will clarify below.

How much does a used piano cost?

The cost of purchasing a used piano can vary a lot. Actually, you might be able to get away with paying nothing (!), as people often times are giving away their piano for free – for a variety of reasons. If you do end up paying, however, and depending on whether we’re talking about a digital or an acoustic piano, you should probably expect costs of a few hundred dollars.

It should though be noted that even “free” pianos come at a cost. Sometimes there is a reason for the pianos to be given away for free, which is the hassle that goes along with moving a piano. So be prepared to show up with a transporter and a friend and maybe even an hour-long drive if you are to pick up a piano at no cost, or, find a piano mover nearby.


How much does a grand piano cost?

Let’s just say – they can be very expensive! And for a good reason.

Grand pianos are more than just a piano. Their visual appeal and presence can fill an entire room or even an auditorium. Therefore, it is not surprising that they’re the by far most valuable type of piano.

A new grand piano will for sure cost at least around $2.000 dollars, while you occasionally might be able to make an ever cheaper purchase, In the other direction there is no cap!

Grand pianos come in many price categories and can cost as much as $150.000 for a new model. This is true, for example, for the infamous Steinway grand pianos, which are amongst the world’s most expensive pianos. Also, Mason & Hamlin pianos can be very expensive and are, for instance, the piano of choice of the amazing pianist Jarrod Radnich.

There even are grand pianos that have been sold for millions of dollars, such as the Steinway Alma Tadema, which sold for $1.2 million.

How much does a used grand piano cost?

A used grand piano will be much easier obtainable, as you might be able to find a used grand piano for around $2.000. Usually, you might though be more likely to pay around $4.000 or a few thousand more than that.

Used high-end grand pianos are though still very likely to cost around tens of thousands of dollars!

How much does a baby grand piano cost?

The costs of a baby grand pianos vary a lot. Digital baby grand pianos in some cases are available at prices as low as $2.000, while acoustic baby grand pianos are more likely to cost anywhere from $8.000 – $15.000.

How much does a used baby grand piano cost?

If you are looking to buy a used baby grand piano, you may get away with paying around $1.000. This would though qualify as a somewhat lucky purchase, as the baby grands tend to be more expensive than that.

If the baby grand is manufactured by one of the high-end piano brands, the costs will for sure also reflect that, and you might have to pay anywhere from $10.000 and upward.

Remember that the costs for a digital baby grand piano in most cases will be lower than for an acoustic version. Therefore, a used digital baby grand might be an interesting choice for you.

How much does an upright piano cost?

An upright piano can cost anywhere between $2.500 and $7.500. As with all piano types, the high-end models can though exceed these prices by far. High-end upright pianos may cost you upward of $7.500 and more.

How much does a used upright piano cost?

Used upright piano are sometimes available for a hundred dollars. So, you might be able to find one at a very low price point. If it is a high-end upright piano, the costs will reflect that though, and even for a used upright piano you might pay anywhere from $500 to several thousands of dollars.

How much does a beginner piano cost?

Well, what is a beginner piano? If the piano will be played by a complete beginner, almost any piano will do, as long as it is tuned and has weighted keys. The cheapest choice will likely be a used digital piano that could be available for as little as $50 – $100. But also used upright pianos starting from $100 can be a great choice.


As you can see, the cost of a piano depends on which type of piano we’re talking about. Also, there are many models and low-end models differ greatly from high-end modes regarding the price.

If you are lucky, you might find a piano for free, you might pick up a used piano for $50 or $100, or if you are a seasoned piano player and finally wan that high-end piano, you might even be able to get one for a few thousand dollars.

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