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Public pianos in your city

Pianobook is the go-to resource for everyone looking to find public pianos in different places.

Public pianos are instruments that anyone can play in public spaces. You may see one on the street, or near a park; you might even find them in shopping malls. Our website is here to help you locate these pianos, so you can enjoy playing them when they’re nearby!

What is a public piano?

A public piano is an instrument that anyone can play. It’s not necessarily in a school or at someone’s home; it might be on the street, near a park, or even in a shopping mall!

How do I find public pianos?

There are several ways you can locate these instruments, so you can enjoy playing them when they’re nearby.

Our website has an interactive map which you can use to find public pianos near you. You simply click on the marker, and it will give you information like the street address, what kind of piano it is (e.g., upright, baby grand), how long it’s been there, who owns it, etc.! It will also show photographs of the public piano, so you can see what it looks like.

What types of pianos are usually accessible for the public?

There are several types of public pianos, including upright and baby grand pianos. You might even find digital ones!

Can I play on public pianos for free?

Yes, you can! It’s not necessary to register or sign up anywhere before playing them. They are meant for people of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy.

Can I play them anytime I want?

Typically, yes. Most public pianos are not guarded or locked up when they’re located in open areas like a sidewalk.

Are these instruments available during the winter?

Yes! Some might be stored away until the springtime, but many will stay out all year long. The only exception is if it’s very cold and there is an impending snowstorm; the piano might be moved inside to avoid damage.

How long do public pianos typically stay in one place?

That depends on a number of factors, like how often it gets vandalized or whether there are plans for an upcoming construction project. Most will remain out until someone decides they need to move them somewhere else.

Do public pianos have to be tuned?

Yes, the instruments are usually maintained, so they sound nice when played. Please note that this doesn’t mean each piano is always in perfect tune, though!

Who owns public pianos?

That can vary. They might be owned by the city government, a private organization like an arts center or school, they could belong to someone who lives in the neighborhood (maybe even you!), or perhaps no one at all!

I don’t think I play too well yet, can I still use a public piano?

Of course. The pianos are meant for people of all skill levels to enjoy, from beginners to professionals!

I have never seen a public piano where I live, what can I do?

We recommend talking to your local government and asking them if they would be interested in getting a public piano for the community. You can also contact any schools or arts centers in your area to see if they have one available; they might even allow you to practice on their instrument(s) once in a while!

I have found a public piano, but it is not listed in your map!

If you find a piano that is not on our map, please let us know, or feel free to submit it as a listing (ideally with a picture)! This way, you make it possible for piano fans like yourself to enjoy playing them when they’re nearby.

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