The Best "Jurassic Park" Piano Sheet Music

Dive into the captivating universe of “Jurassic Park” with our handpicked collection of the finest piano sheet music from the iconic film series.

Perfect for pianists of all levels, these pieces invite you to experience the magic and majesty of one of cinema’s most beloved sagas, bringing its unforgettable themes and melodies to life beneath your fingertips.

The Best "Jurassic Park" Piano Sheet Music


  • Large Catalog: Over 20,000 piano arrangements suitable for various skill levels.
  • Interactive Scores: Features like auto-scroll and annotations for a better learning experience.
  • Sheet Music Management: Organize and manage your piano sheet library effectively.

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Table of Contents

Leiki Ueda

Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring world of “Jurassic Park” with Leiki Ueda‘s rendition of its iconic theme. This powerful and emotive performance captures the essence of the cinematic masterpiece, offering a unique musical experience that resonates with fans and musicians alike.

However, it’s important to note that the version available on is not the exact rendition Leiki Ueda plays in his video. Due to licensing restrictions with John Williams’ compositions, the sheet music has been adapted. Despite this, the essence of the majestic theme remains, allowing you to bring a piece of the “Jurassic Park” magic to life.

David Hicken

Dive into the majestic world of “Jurassic Park” with David Hicken’s captivating rendition of its iconic theme. This interpretation is both deep and exhilarating, showcasing Hicken’s exceptional talent and unique approach to the piano.

His performance brings a new dimension to the beloved melodies, offering listeners and musicians alike a memorable and immersive musical experience that pays homage to the classic film saga.

Denis Wiens

Experience the thrill of “Jurassic Park” through Denis Wiens’ world-class cover of Jarrod Radnich‘s highly virtuosic version of the film’s iconic theme. Wiens masterfully tackles Radnich’s complex and dynamic arrangement, delivering a performance that is both powerful and deeply emotive.

This rendition stands out for its technical brilliance and emotional depth, offering a unique and unforgettable tribute to the legendary movie score.


In exploring the captivating renditions of the “Jurassic Park” theme by Leiki Ueda, David Hicken, and Denis Wiens, we’re reminded of the power of music to transport us into the heart of cinematic wonders.

Each pianist brings their unique touch to this timeless score, offering inspiration and a deep connection to the film’s majestic world.

Their performances may also spark an interest in exploring sheet music from other iconic films, so be sure to check out the best Harry Potter piano sheet music and the best piano notes for Pirates of the Caribbean, further expanding your musical horizons.

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