Best Harry Potter Piano Sheet Music

Who doesn’t love the amazing music score from Harry Potter?

Here, we present to you the best Harry Potter piano sheets.

Enjoy the selection and choose your favorite version.



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Table of Contents

The iconic Harry Potter music is without a doubt one of the most popular music scores of all time. The main theme that is played most often and is always recognized by people is “Hedwig’s Theme”. In the following, you’ll see a few examples of the piano covers we find to be amongst the best.

They do not only include renditions of Hedwig’s Theme, but also some medleys with more pieces from the Harry Potter movies.

Hedwig’s Theme – Jarrod Radnich

Jarrod Radnich has already arranged several famous music scores. However, his Harry Potter arrangement is one of the first arrangements he published on YouTube, totaling more than 12 million views.

This arrangement features the following Harry Potter songs:

  • Hedwig’s Theme
  • Nimbus 2000

Grab his amazing arrangement here:

Rachmaninoff Goes to Hogwarts – Alexander Norden

This arrangement by Alexander Norden is simply amazing and just shows how amazing it is to watch when passion meets skill. What a great way of arranging this piece. It deserves a lot more recognition!

Music Sheet FREE to download on Dropbox:

Harry Potter Medley – Peter Bence

The Hungarian pianist Peter Bence definitely is amongst the greatest pianists on YouTube. His amazing arrangement of the Harry Potter music is just fun to listen to.

His arrangement includes the following pieces:

  • Hedwig’s Theme
  • Nimbus 2000
  • Harry’s Wondrous World

If you like this arrangement, go grab it here:

Harry Potter Medley – Eshan Denipitiya

Eshan Denipitiya has also arranged Harry Potter music in his own way. Very enjoyable to listen to and yet another unique arrangement.

This arrangement includes the following songs:

  • Hedwig’s Theme
  • Nimbus 2000
  • Leaving Hogwarts
  • Harry’s Wondrous World

What can you say? Eshan is just an amazing pianist- what a performance! If you like his arrangement, you can get it here:

Hedwig’s Theme – David Pasqualini (performed by PianoMagnus)

The final Harry Potter arrangement on this list is arranged by David Pasqualini and played by PianoMagnus.

The arrangement includes music from:

  • Hedwig’s Theme
  • Nimbus 2000

Head over to David Pasqualini’s website to grab a FREE copy of his stunning arrangement:


It is fair to say that all of the above arrangements are simply amazing and it is very enjoyable listening to either of them. It is also a wonderful example of how the “same” piece of music can be interpreted in so many different ways. But after all, this type of individuality and personalized expression is a huge part of why we love the piano so much!

Other pieces of music from the Harry Potter musics that you might be interested in are the piano sheets for the Potter Waltz, or, maybe the equally amazing piano notes for Neville’s Waltz.

If you want to explore more piano sheet music apart from Harry Potter, head over to

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