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Who is Leiki Ueda?

Leiki Ueda is a Japanese pianist and composer who publishes amazing covers of famous songs and movie scores. He also arranges famous music scores himself, many of which have rightfully earned him a lot of popularity across different social media networks.

He has been uploading his videos to YouTube since 2014 and his channel has more than 100,000 subscribers.

After a decade in the classical/instrumental music industry as both a pianist, mixing engineer and successful YouTuber (150K+ subscribers & 45 million views) Leiki Ueda decided to pursue his true passion of helping other musicians from all genres succeed. Thus, he established Leiki Ueda Studios in 2017.

Leiki Ueda Studios is your go-to destination for creating catchy, yet intellectual music.

Piano Sheet Music by Leiki Ueda

Leiki Ueda has published a lot of arrangements already, all of which are simply amazing. He does have a proclivity to work on and publish piano arrangements of well-known movie themes.

Pretty much all of his arrangements are very virtuosic in nature and it is a pleasure listening to them.

Some of his arrangements include:

If you want to browse more of Leiki Ueda’s piano arrangements, you can check them out here:

Leiki Ueda’s contact information & social media

To find out more about Leiki Ueda or to contact him directly, you can visit one of his presences via the below links:

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