Step into the world of Roland Corporation, where tradition meets innovation in a symphony of premium piano craftsmanship.

With each keystroke, experience the soulful harmony and cutting-edge technology that is quintessentially Roland, captivating artists and audiences alike.

Dive into a legacy defined by unparalleled musical expression, and let Roland set the stage for your most enthralling musical journey yet.

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Roland Corporation, a pivotal name in the electronic music industry, was established on April 18, 1972. With its headquarters nestled in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan, the company has etched its name in the annals of music history. Under the leadership of CEO and Representative Director Gordon Raison, Roland continues to influence the music industry, listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and operating with a capital of ¥9,641 million.

Historical Journey

Roland’s journey began in the 1970s, marking its territory with the TR-33/TR-55/TR-77 Rhythm Machines, the company’s inaugural products. The decade saw several firsts, including the SH-1000 Synthesizer, Roland’s debut synthesizer, and the EP-30, the world’s first touch-sensitive electronic piano. The introduction of the JC Series Guitar Amplifiers and the SYSTEM-700 Modular Synthesizer further solidified Roland’s position. The company’s innovative spirit continued through the 1980s and beyond, with groundbreaking products like the world’s first guitar synthesizer, the GR-500, and the MC-8 MicroComposer.

Business Operations and Products

Roland’s business extends across manufacturing, marketing, and the import/export of electronic musical instruments and software. Their product range is diverse:

  1. Keyboards and Digital Pianos: Roland’s keyboards emphasize touch and sound quality, offering a variety from children’s models to grand pianos for professionals. Their technology supports quiet practice and connectivity with smart devices.
  2. Wind and Percussion Instruments: The Aerophone series introduces a new genre of digital wind instruments. The V-Drums series, synonymous with electronic drums, offers everything from compact sets to professional kits, known for their sound quality and advanced sensing systems.
  3. Synthesizers and Music Creation Products: Roland provides an extensive range of keyboard synthesizers and rhythm machines. Their music production tools and DJ controllers are popular among professionals. Services like Roland Cloud and the Zenbeats app support modern music production.
  4. Audio/Visual Products: Catering to professional video production, Roland’s division here focuses on video switchers, A/V mixers, and products for high-quality livestreaming.
  5. Effects and Instrument Amplifiers: Known globally, especially for the BOSS compact pedal series, Roland offers a wide range of effect processors, amplifiers, and unique wireless products for various instruments.


Roland envisions a world where music connects people. Their instruments, often seen as industry standards, are designed to lighten hearts and serve as universal communication tools. With a history rich in innovation, Roland commits to bringing joy and a sense of thrill to music enthusiasts worldwide, ensuring everyone can enjoy music more freely and easily.


Roland Corporation stands as a testament to innovation and quality in the world of music. From its early days of rhythm machines to modern synthesizers and digital wind instruments, Roland continues to set the bar high, contributing to global music culture and the endless pursuit of musical excellence.

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