Best A Whole New World Piano Sheet Music

Listening to beautiful piano music always makes us feel as if we’re flying high on a magic carpet.

Well, how about learning how to play the Aladdin score “A Whole New World”?

Here, we’ll show you some amazing arrangements to enjoy.

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The beautiful music, which was composed by Alan Menken, is a timeless masterpiece that for sure will have people stop and listen if you happen to perform it on a public piano.

Jarrod Radnich (performer: Finanwen the Piano Witch)

Once again, Jarrod Radnich has blessed us with an amazing arrangement that just flows so smoothly and beautifully. He truly made sure to have the piece come alive and the arrangement evokes a feeling of flying on the magic carpet.

The performance by Finanwen the Piano Witch is so beautiful to listen to. If you’d like to support her amazing work, head over to Finanwen’s Ko-fi page.

If you’re just here for the piano sheet, you’ll find it here:

Riyandi Kusuma

Riyandi Kusuma has created a beautiful arrangement as well. Not quite as virtuosic as Jarrod Radnich’s version – though few people arrange pieces in as virtuosic a manner as Jarrod Radnich – anyway, if you like this arrangement, you can get it below

Just visit this link:

Leiki Ueda

Once again, we are blessed with an original arrangement by Leiki Ueda. It almost doesn’t matter what kind of music Leiki Ueda plays for us, he never fails to impress and just needs to play a few beats to remind us of why we love the piano so much.

If you want to grab his cool arrangement, check out the link below.


Thanks to Alan Menken for creating this incredibly beautiful piece of music that keeps entertaining piano fans across the globe. A truly magnificent piece, arranged and performed by undoubtedly talented pianists. It is just always a joy to watch such human skills!

Interested in more magical piano arrangements? Head over to and browse their huge selection!

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