Best Lord of the Rings Piano Sheet Music

The music to the Lord of the Rings trilogy is likely one of the greatest of all times.

No wonder it is one of the most searched movie soundtracks.

Check out our favorite versions.

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Here, you’ll find a few Lord of the Rings arrangements that are simply amazing. They are all medleys and include several of the pieces composed by Howard shore.

Jarrod Radnich (performer: Denis Wiens)

Jarrod Radnich is really a genius at arranging movie soundtracks in a captivating manner. But how about this performance by Denis Wiens?

Even Jarrod Radnich himself commented:

Wonderful! Your performance is highly expressive, and to to hear the melodies come through the textures is fantastic. Bravo. – Jarrod


Samuel Fu Reborn

This arrangement by Samuel Fe Reborn is maybe not as virtuosic, but it is nonetheless absolutely enjoyable to listen to.

Also, it includes many of the melodies we know and love from the movies:

  • “Prologue: One Ring to Rule Them All”
  • Rohan’s Theme – “Edoras” / “Théoden King”
  • Hobbits / Shire’s Theme – “In Dreams” / “Concerning Hobbits”
  • “The Last March of the Ents”
  • Elves / Rivendell’s Theme – “Rivendell”
  • Uruk-Hai / Isengard’s Theme – “Isengard Unleashed” / The Fighting Uruk-Hai
  • Sauron / Mordor’s Theme – “The Shadow of the Past” / “Uruk-Hai”
  • “The Lighting of the Beacons”
  • Gondor’s Theme – “Minas Tirith”
  • “The Battle of the Pelennor Fields”
  • “The Bridge of Khazad Dum”
  • “The Breaking of the Fellowship”
  • “The Misty Mountains Cold” from The Hobbit

If you like this version, go grab your copy of the piano sheet here:

Leiki Ueda

Leiki Ueda for sure is one of our favorite pianists. With his arrangement of the Lord of the Rings music he has created another masterpiece.

At 15 minutes, it is perfect to listen to in the background during your lunch break.

If you’d like to check out the piano sheet, you can do so here:


Once again, amazing pianists at work. They all do this iconic music justice. It’s always a pleasure and never gets old watching pianists create their own arrangements. Thanks guys!

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