Best Piano Sheet Music for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up and you want to surprise your sweetheart with an emotional selection of piano pieces?

We’ll provide you with some inspiration on which pieces you could choose for the special day!

Check out our selection of the best piano music for Valentine’s Day.

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L-O-V-E – Piano Notion

This timeless classic was written by Bert Kaempfert and Milt Gabler, though it probably is most known for having been performed by Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra.

This arrangement by Piano Notion is beautiful anyway, and you can get it here:

Love – Walt Disney’s Robin Hood

While Robin Hood is probably one of the best Disney movies of all time, due to its great moral teachings, it also holds some amazingly romantic music.

The Robin Hood Love Theme is slow and emotional.

If you think so too and you want to learn how to play it, you can get the music sheet here:

Salut d´Amour – Matthias Dobler

Talking about being romantic, one should learn from Edward Elgar. In 1888 he composed Salut d´Amour as an engagement present for his sweetheart Caroline Alice Roberts.

Matthias Dobler created an arrangement that is perfectly capturing the romantic energy that Elgar intended to achieve.

If you enjoy this arrangement, you can get your copy here:

Halo – Francesco Parrino

It is no secret that Beyoncé is one of the greatest female singers of our time. Even according to legendary piano hip-hop producer Scott Storch, who has worked with an insane amount of superstar singers, she is the one with the greatest vocal range.

Therefore, it is no surprise that a song like “Halo” makes it on our list and Francesco Parrino, unsurprisingly, once again delivers pure quality.

If you enjoy the arrangement as much as we do, have a look at the sheet here:

I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing – Riyandi Kusuma

The iconic hard rock band Aerosmith created this memorable song for the movie “Armageddon” starring Bruce Willis.

While one at first might not think of it as a song that would typically sound too great on piano, Riyandi Kusuma did just that with his arrangement.

In case you enjoy it, you might want to check the music sheet here:

If I Ain’t Got You – Aldy Santos

Amazing female singer, original piano tunes, and great lyrics – that’s Alicia Keys.

For some reason, she always manages to create an amazing atmosphere in her songs. More often than not the result is a mix of emotions and classy piano sounds.

If I Ain’t Got You is close to being a masterpiece, and Aldy Santos aka aldy32 did a great job.

If you like his arrangement, check it out here:

All of Me – Costantino Carrara

Not too much has to be said about “legendary” John Legend. One wonders, how he can combine such skill and emotion, yet always make his performances seem so incredibly easy. The lyrics of “All of me” are wonderfully written, full of emotion and depth.

The way Costantino Carrara plays his arrangement on the grand piano truly does this song justice.

If you’re serious about playing romantic piano pieces, check out his arrangement here:

Just the Way You Are – Francesco Parrino

Once again, we make room for Francesco Parrino – he just is an amazing pianist who rightfully deserves recognition.

Hawaii-born Bruno Mars is an amazing singer, who has great vocal and lyrical abilities and creates songs for different moods. However, he is really skillful at creating emotional and love-related songs, which is most obvious when listening to his song “Just the Way You Are”.

And who better than Francesco Parrino to play it on the piano?

As always, his arrangement knocks it out of the park:

One Wish – MacTheMusicGuy

This song is a rather old song by singer Ray J, but it still carries a lot of emotion and is beautiful to listen to.

MacTheMusicGuy really does a great job at performing this beautiful piece.

If you like the tune too, check the original sheet here:

Something About Us – Joe Jeremiah

While not primarily known for creating love music, Daft Punk has published numerous songs that have a very emotional vibe to them. A prime example is “Something About Us”, which – in their iconic style – features an animated video in which a couple is flying through love and space.

Anyway, it is a great and emotional tune, worth including on this list.

If you like Joe Jeremiah’s version, you can get it here:


Make this Valentine’s Day a special one for you and your beloved partner. Whether you play one or ten songs doesn’t really matter. But showing your appreciation and love in a way that words just can’t describe is a great way of cherishing that special someone.

Of course, there is an almost indefinite number of additional love songs that could be listed here. So, if none of the above-mentioned pieces make it into your personal selection, you can head over to and maybe find something that is more to your liking.

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