Emily Linge

Embark on a musical journey with Emily Linge, an exceptionally talented British-Norwegian singer-songwriter.

With a gift for crafting emotive compositions and delivering soulful renditions, Emily’s artistry knows no bounds.

Immerse yourself in her captivating melodies and experience the depth of her musical expression.


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Table of Contents

Who is Emily Linge?

Meet Emily Linge, a talented British-Norwegian singer-songwriter with a unique background rooted in Dubai. From a tender age, music has woven the threads of Emily’s life, igniting a passionate journey.

She crafts soul-stirring original compositions and lends her voice to reinterpret beloved melodies by fellow artists. Guided by mentors like Ovidio DeFerrari in piano mastery and under the tutelage of Simon Tomkins for guitar expertise, Emily’s musical prowess is evident.

Beyond the harmonious notes, she’s an accomplished tennis player, a skilled painter who captures emotions on canvas, and a deft seamstress threading stories through fabric. Experience the world through Emily’s artistic lens – a canvas where melodies and passions blend.

Piano covers by Emily Linge

Diving into a diverse musical landscape, Emily Linge creates captivating piano covers that span across an array of genres. Her remarkable talent shines as she infuses her unique style into an eclectic selection of songs, including a charming rendition of Camila Cabello’s “Havana,” awaiting just below.

Emily Linge is a perpetual creator, consistently crafting new musical pieces. Stay updated on her latest releases by visiting her website and clicking the button below to stay in the musical loop.

Emily Linge’s contact information & social media

Emily Linge maintains an active presence across several social media platforms. Explore her various profiles by clicking on the links below:

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