Best Long Long Time Piano Sheet Music

Start your journey to master the piano with the popular song – “Long Long Time” by Linda Ronstadt.

With this classic tune, you will not only learn a great song but also get to practice your skills in playing piano!

Enjoy playing the piano with this beautiful piece of music.

Best Long Long Time Piano Sheet Music
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Vkgoeswild has a beautiful and emotive style of playing the piano, which really brings out the emotion in the song. Her articulation of each note and her passionate performance make it a joy to listen to.

If you are looking to learn the song on the piano, vkgoeswild’s sheet music is available for purchase and download. Get your copy today!

Jennifer Eklund

Jennifer Eklund’s beautiful rendition of the song on piano is simply sublime. Her gentle, graceful style of playing coupled with her gorgeous settings make it a captivating performance to listen to. She truly brings the emotion and soul of the song to life.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn this beautiful song! Get Jennifer Eklund’s piano notes now and experience the beauty of this stunning piece of music.


keepDbeat’s performance of the song is also just beautiful to listen to. The grand piano in the setting makes for an amazing visual experience as well.

Although keepDbeat does not have a dedicated piano sheet, the piano notes can be found on for purchase and download.


This timeless song has been around for 50 years, first made popular by Linda Ronstadt in 1970 and more recently through the game series “The Last of Us”.

Through this, it has stood the test of time and is a great song to learn on the piano. The multiple renditions from vkgoeswild, Jennifer Eklund, and keepDbeat all demonstrate the different styles and ways of interpreting this timeless classic.

So get your copy today and learn to play it on the piano!

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