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Embark on a musical journey with Sir Stephen Hough, where each note he plays tells a story of mastery and emotion.

Renowned for his exquisite touch and interpretative depth, Hough’s profile is a gateway to exploring his life’s work and his journey in the world of classical piano.

Welcome to his pianobook profile – discover his captivating performances, his inspiring life story, and the legacy he continues to build in the realm of classical music.

Welcome to the pianobook profile of Stephen Hough.

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About Stephen Hough

Introducing Sir Stephen Hough: A multifaceted artist celebrated for his early achievements and awards.

Early Achievements and Awards

Sir Stephen Hough, celebrated for his multifaceted talents as a pianist, composer, and writer, has distinguished himself as one of the most unique artists of his generation. He was the first classical performer to receive the prestigious MacArthur Fellowship in 2001, showcasing his exceptional talent early in his career.

Career Highlights and Performances

Hough’s rise to prominence began with his first prize win at the 1983 Naumburg Competition in New York. His performances span the globe, gracing major orchestras in Europe, Asia, and America, and appearing in esteemed venues and festivals. His involvement in festivals like Aldeburgh, Aspen, Edinburgh, and the BBC Proms, where he has made 29 concerto appearances, underscores his status in the classical music world.

Discography and Recognition

Sir Stephen’s discography is extensive, with over 60 albums to his name. These recordings have won multiple awards, including the Deutsche Schallplattenpreis, Diapason d’Or, and several Gramophone Magazine Awards. His work stands out for both its quality and impact on classical music.

Contributions as a Composer and Writer

Beyond performing, Sir Stephen Hough is also a noted composer and writer. His compositions have been commissioned by prestigious organizations, and his literary contributions include articles for leading newspapers and four published books, ranging from essays to fiction.

Educational Roles and Influence

Residing in London, Sir Stephen Hough plays an active role in educating the next generation of musicians. He serves as a visiting professor at the Royal Academy of Music, holds the International Chair of Piano Studies at the Royal Northern College in Manchester, and is a member of the faculty at The Juilliard School. His commitment to education is a significant part of his legacy in the world of classical music.

In this YouTube video, the renowned pianist Sir Stephen Hough delivers a captivating performance of Chopin’s Nocturne in F-sharp Major, Op. 15 No. 2 by the composer Frédéric Chopin. He plays on a magnificent grand piano by the piano brand Bösendorfer at the Hotel Bristol Vienna, showcasing his profound connection with the piece and the instrument.

Musical Compositions

Sir Stephen Hough, renowned as a celebrated pianist, has also made significant contributions in the realm of music composition. His compositions, imbued with his unique artistic sensibility, are a testament to his versatility and depth in the field of classical music.

Enthusiasts and pianists interested in exploring his musical compositions can find a collection of his piano sheets available for purchase at This offers a wonderful opportunity to engage directly with his creative work and experience the nuances of his musical language.

Literary Works by Sir Stephen Hough

In addition to his musical talents, Sir Stephen Hough is a prolific author, with his writings spanning various genres. His books reflect his diverse interests and profound insights, offering readers a glimpse into his artistic and personal journey. Here’s a list of his books:

  • Enough: Scenes from Childhood
  • Rough Ideas: Reflections on Music and More
  • The Final Retreat: A Novel
  • The Bible as Prayer: A Handbook for Lectio Divina


This selection of books showcases the breadth of Hough’s literary contributions, allowing readers to delve deeper into his multifaceted artistic persona and his perspectives on life, music, and beyond.


Sir Stephen Hough, renowned for his exceptional skills as a pianist, has a varied and rich discography. Here’s a brief list of some of his recordings:

  • Brahms, Schumann & Fruhling: Chamber Music Trios
  • Schubert: Piano Sonatas D613, 784 & 960
  • Mompou: Piano Music
  • Brahms: The Piano Concertos
  • Stephen Hough’s Spanish Album
  • Children’s Cello

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