Joep Beving

In this profile, we delve into the remarkable career of Joep Beving, a Dutch composer born on January 9, 1976.

Renowned for his modern classical and minimalist music, Beving’s work has touched audiences worldwide.

Read on to discover his journey, influences, and notable achievements.

Joep Beving


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Joep Beving

Born: January 9, 1976, Joep Beving is a Dutch composer known for his work in the genres of modern classical, minimalism, and ambient music.


Joep Beving, born in Doetinchem, the Netherlands, is a contemporary Dutch composer renowned for his minimalist and emotionally poignant music. Despite an early passion for music, his path was not straightforward. He initially pursued piano at a conservatoire but had to abandon formal studies due to a wrist injury. Shifting gears, he completed a degree in public policy and administration and worked in advertising, composing music for commercials and short films.

Musical Career

In 2014, Beving returned to his piano, seeking tranquility and essence in his music. This led to his debut album, Solipsism, released independently in 2015. The album, characterized by its minimalist style, caught the attention of Deutsche Grammophon, leading to a record deal. His follow-up albums, Prehension (2017) and Henosis (2019), further established him as a leading figure in the modern classical genre. Henosis was particularly significant, marking the end of a personal and philosophical trilogy and earning an Edison Award in 2019.


  • Solipsism (2015)
  • Prehension (2017)
  • Conatus (2018)
  • Henosis (2019)
  • Trilogy (2021)
  • Hermetism (2022)

Style and Influences

Beving’s music is often described as “simple music for complex emotions.” His style integrates elements from various genres, including ambient, electronic, and minimal classical music. He cites influences ranging from classical composers like Chopin and Arvo Pärt to modern musicians such as Philip Glass and Radiohead. His compositions typically follow a pop structure (AABA) but are marked by a gentle, introspective quality.

Performances and Legacy

Joep Beving has performed globally, captivating audiences with his evocative and meditative pieces. His music, which began as a personal quest for tranquility, has resonated with millions worldwide, making him one of the most streamed living composers.


In addition to his musical endeavors, Joep Beving runs an online shop where fans can purchase LPs and piano sheet music. Visit his merchandise store for more details.

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